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How should the detection method of small-sized switching switch be?

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What is the detection method of the small switch? What are the specific details we need to do? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
The advantages of this detection method are intuitive and convenient. The disadvantage is that the current passing through the switch is very small and the oxide film on the contact surface can not be destroyed, which results in a large recognition error (on the large side). Therefore, this method is not recommended in the circuit resistance detection of high voltage switches.
Indirect detection by voltage drop method: Voltage drop method is the value of the DC current through the switch socket. Voltmeter is used to detect the voltage drop between the inlet and outlet of the small-sized switch socket. Then the main circuit resistance of the switch socket is calculated by Ohm's law. Detection circuit with transformer and silicon rectifier. At the same time, because the current passing through the test is large enough to destroy the metal oxide film on the contact surface and reduce the detection error, the measured value is more accurate, so the voltage drop method is recommended for the main circuit detection of small switching socket.
The small-sized switching switch has a small contact interval and a fast-acting mechanism. It uses the prescribed stroke and force to carry out switching action. It is covered by a shell and has a switch with a driving rod outside.
Impulse resistance: Durable impact means that the micro-motion switch will not be damaged by the impact of the machine in transportation or installation, and meet the impact within the range of action characteristics. Misoperation impact refers to the range of impact that is not separated in the specified time because of the contact closed by impact when the micro switch is used.
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