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There are some problems needing attention in the process of using light touch switch.

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In the process of using the light touch switch, there are some problems that need to be paid attention to. What are the specific ones? Let's give you a detailed introduction below.
There are many kinds of light touch switches. According to pin classification, there are two-foot light touch switches, three-foot light touch switches, four-foot light touch switches and multi-foot light touch switches. According to package, they can be divided into patch light touch switches and plug-in light touch switches. There are also many kinds of light touch switches according to material, size and so on. Button, base, insert and cover.
With the development of Electronic Science and technology, the specifications of light touch switch are more and more, from the earliest 12*12,8*8 to now various, and the structure of light touch switch has also increased from vertical horizontal type to combined type. Now people are worried about more and more light touch switches in black-core factories, and they are always worried when purchasing. Not deceived, more people are more concerned about the daily maintenance of light touch switch, what secrets should be paid attention to when selecting.
First, in the daily maintenance and testing of light-touch switch, we should pay attention to whether the light-touch switch has become fragile due to aging, degeneration, flexible landing, or cracking and other quality problems. Many data of light-touch switch itself have the effect of dust-proof and electricity insulation. In daily use, we should pay attention to maintenance, people can from time to time.  Touch the switch lightly to eliminate more potential consumption hazards.
Secondly, because of the high flexibility of touch switch, we should pay attention to not excessively squeeze when pressing, because both the control button on the fine instrument and the simple button on it have the same principle. It is assumed that pressing or tapping with tripod force will reduce the flexibility of touch switch's self-induction. Level.
Third, if you find that there is abnormal operation of the light touch switch, remember not to stop disassembly without authorization. Without professional maintenance environment, many high-end electrical products need to stop opening in the dust-insulated environment. Because dust will have conductive effect, this is a very risky practice, so take it with you. The detection and maintenance of light touch must be stopped in the environment of special switching.
Cautions when touching the switch lightly.
1. When welding lightly touched switch terminals, if the load is applied on the terminals, there will be loosening, deformation and deterioration of electrical characteristics due to different conditions. Please pay attention to the use.
2. When using through-hole PCB and PCB other than recommended, due to the influence of thermal stress will change, so please confirm the welding conditions in advance.
3. When welding twice, please do it after the first welding part is restored to normal temperature. Continuous heating may cause deformation of the peripheral part, loosening of the terminals, falling off and reducing the electrical characteristics.
4. The actual batch production conditions need to be confirmed for setting the welding conditions of the detection switch.
5. The product is designed and manufactured on the premise of DC resistance load. When using other loads [inductive load, capacitive load], please confirm separately.
6. Installation holes and modes of printed circuit boards, please refer to the recommended dimensions recorded in the product drawings.
7. The switch should be used for the structure of the switch directly operated by human, but not for the mechanical detection function.
8. When touching the switch lightly, the switch will be damaged if the specified load is applied. Please be careful not to exert the specified force on the switch.
9. Avoid using the side micro switch according to the operation section.
10. For the flat shaft type, press down the center of the switch as far as possible. For the hinge structure, the press position of the shaft bar will move when press down. Please pay special attention to it.
11. After the switch is installed, please contact professionals when it passes through regenerative hardening furnace due to hardening of binder for other parts.
12. If corrosive gases are produced in the surrounding material of the whole machine using the switch, it may cause bad contact and other phenomena, so please make full confirmation in advance.
13. The carbon contact point has the characteristic of changing contact resistance due to push load. When it is used in voltage divider circuit, etc., please use it after full confirmation.
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