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Details of Selection Method of Light Touch Switch

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How to choose the light touch switch, the specific method is how, we will give you a detailed introduction below.
The lighttouch switch manufacturer designs waterproof lighttouch switch, which can be washed in water or rain without failure. Generally, the waterproof switch is IP67, which means it can completely protect the dust in the air. At the same time, it can be in the position of about 1M underwater, at room temperature, about 30 minutes will not be damaged.
The waterproof light touch switch has reasonable design, long service life, high temperature resistance and high current impact resistance, which can meet the specific needs of your products. It can be used in a very humid environment, which solves the need for electricity in a humid environment and avoids potential safety hazards due to environmental reasons. Waterproof light touch switch also exists in the family, generally in the kitchen bathroom and other relatively humid places. Many water-proof light touch switches can be operated by wet hands.
Waterproof lighttouch switches are mainly classified as: waterproof patch lighttouch switch, waterproof plug-in lighttouch switch, waterproof key lighttouch switch, waterproof film lighttouch switch. What problems should we pay attention to when we select waterproof lighttouch switch and install waterproof lighttouch switch?
First of all, the main function of waterproof lightly touching switch is waterproof. In the process of selecting waterproof switch, we must pay attention to the waterproof performance of switch. Generally, the waterproof switch manufactured by regular manufacturers has corresponding technical indicators. We should try our best to avoid buying the products of small workshop. There is no guarantee of quality, and it is easy to appear potential safety hazards. Secondly, the whole quality of switch is asked. Generally, it takes a long time to use the switch. If it doesn't take long to damage the switch, it will be very troublesome. In order to avoid such troubles, it is very important in quality, such as the direction of switch installation, working voltage, in fact, no matter how strong the sealing of the waterproof switch is, it does not mean that the switch is completely sealed. Corrosive gases or substances should be prevented from entering.
At present, the mechanical life of lightly touched switches in domestic market varies from 3W to 10W according to different requirements. Generally, the mechanical life of lightly touched switches varies from 3W, 5W, 8W to 10W. The spring of lightly touched switches in China generally uses beryllium bronze, tin bronze and stainless steel as materials. Domestic lightly touched switch manufacturers have the longest life of lightly touched switch products up to 100W and lightly touched switch GB14048, the national standard of China. Several definitions in.2 (compulsory standard, depending on this standard if you want to know more about low-voltage circuit breakers) Circuit Breakers: can be connected, load and break the current under normal circuit conditions, can also be connected under specified abnormal circuit (e.g. short circuit), a mechanical switching apparatus that bears a certain time and breaking current, Molded Case Circuit Breakers: with a shell made of moulded insulating material A circuit breaker as an integral part of a circuit breaker.
Light touch switch is generally based on no auxiliary press attachment, and evolved into small stroke program and large stroke program. According to the need, different auxiliary press accessories can be added. According to the different press attachment switches can be divided into button type, reed roller type, lever roller type, short arm type, long arm type and other forms.
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