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It is very important to use the handle of the horizontal toggle switch

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The handle of horizontal toggle switch is very important. It is the first choice for some customers. We will introduce the details in detail below.
The horizontal toggle switch is widely used in Bluetooth headset and digital product control board, which is generally the most common product with thin volume, so several important parameters must be noted:
What is side touch switch and what is the definition of side touch switch?
The horizontal toggle switch belongs to one of the key switches, but the operation direction is different, usually on the side, or called horizontal, in fact, it is only a method to divide according to the system direction. Similarly, the side touch switch is also composed of: insert, base, shrapnel, button, cover plate, among which the waterproof type of light touch switch is composed of a layer of polyimide film on the shrapnel. But the direction is not the same as the one being pressed, as shown in the following figure:
1. Design flexibility:
Can operate in many ways, with ultra-thin space, hidden in the side.
2. It has a variety of strength and is suitable for various industries.
3. Ultra long life with high-end products to achieve mutual benefit.
4. Press the switch to push out the heavy type firmly.
Precautions for horizontal toggle switch:
Other precautions
(1) during welding, do not use solvent or similar to clean the switch.
(2) prevent flux penetration from the top of the switch
(3) after delivery, ensure that the switch is sealed and stored for more than 90 days.
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