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What factors affect the selection of hand feeling of toggle switch

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What are the factors that affect the hand feeling of toggle switch? Let's give you a detailed introduction of the specific details below.
The appearance and surface of toggle switch shall be smooth. Electroplating treatment should also be smooth, in the sun will be bright underground. Most switches with good quality are made of high-grade materials such as bullet proof glue. They have high fire-proof performance, moisture-proof performance and anti-collision performance. The surface is smooth. When purchasing, you should consider the feeling you feel. With the touch, you can preliminarily determine the material of the switch and ask the dealer. Generally speaking, the performance of products with not smooth surface and thin and crisp feeling is not reliable. The panel of good switch socket shall be free of bubbles, scratches and stains.
Generally, the factors that affect the touch of toggle switch come from materials, polishing treatment and electroplating. Good toggle switch has done a good job in these details.
The toggle switch is applicable to toys, electric toys, toy dolls, burglar alarm, home appliances, mobile phone digital, electronic communication, video game machine, car anti-theft, intelligent system.
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