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DC socket lead angle definition details

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When DC socket is used, the definition of pin is very important. For specific details, we will give you a detailed introduction below.
DC socket is generally composed of three pins, the definition of which is: the first pin represents the positive pole of power supply (that is, the middle pin), the second pin represents the negative static contact, and the third pin represents the negative dynamic contact (the two pins are left and right). Then the connection method of DC socket pin is that the pin in the middle of the socket is the ground wire, and the pins at the other two ends are the live wire and the zero wire of the power line respectively. The wiring sequence is generally according to the left zero and right fire, which means that the left pin is connected to the zero line, and the right pin is connected to the fire line.
1. Dc-005 is a common DC socket. After inserting a matching φ 5.5 plug, it can automatically disconnect the internal power supply of the circuit. Pin definition: ① power supply positive; ② negative static contact; ③ negative moving contact.
2. When the plug is inserted, open the contact ③ at the top, cut off the negative path of the battery inside the circuit, stop the power supply of the internal power supply, then connect the negative pole of the external power supply, and form the external power supply path with the ① ③ pin.
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