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How does the headphone socket work

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First of all, headphone socket is mainly used in mobile phone stereo design, CD player, wireless phone, MP3 player, digital notebook computer, DVD, digital camera.
I. working principle of headphone socket
Once the input voltage of headphone socket is chopped into AC square wave, its amplitude can be increased or decreased through transformer. The number of output voltage groups can be increased by increasing the number of secondary windings of the transformer. The main purpose of the controller is to keep the output voltage stable. Its working process is similar to that of the linear controller. In other words, the function block, voltage reference and error amplifier of the controller can be designed to be the same as the linear regulator. The difference between them is that the output of the error amplifier (error voltage) passes through a voltage / pulse width conversion unit before driving the power transistor. The antiparticle of electron is positron, whose mass, spin and charge are the same as that of electron, but the positive and negative of charge are opposite to that of electron. Electrons and positrons will annihilate each other due to collision. In this process, more than one pair of photons will be produced. The electron is negatively charged and rotates around the nucleus. The interaction force of electrons moving at the same speed of light in the same direction is zero.
II. Earphone socket type classification
1. Earphone socket structure type: molded case type, frame type, current limiting type, DC fast type, deexcitation type and leakage protection type.
2. The number of earphone socket poles can be divided into: single pole, two pole and three pole.
3. Total breaking time of headphone socket: general and fast type operate prior to tripping mechanism, and the tripping time is within 0.02 seconds.
4. The protection forms of headphone socket include: compound release, thermal release type and no release type.
This is how headphone socket works. Please pay attention to these problems.
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