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Whats the difference between the toggle switch and the dial switch we use

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What's the difference between the toggle switch and the dial switch we use? Let's introduce the details below.
The type and physical performance specification of the toggle switch. The toggle switch is used to connect or disconnect the power circuit according to the toggle handle, so as to achieve the purpose of switching the power circuit. The common types of toggle switch are single pole double position, single pole three position, double pole double position and double pole three position, etc. it is generally used for the bottom voltage power circuit, with the characteristics of flexible slide rail posture, stable and reliable characteristics.
The toggle switch is a new generation of photoelectric switch components manufactured by using integrated circuit chip technology and SMT surface equipment processing technology. It has intelligent system functions such as timing, broadening, external synchronization, mutual interference resistance, high credibility, regional stability in work and self diagnosis. This kind of novel photoelectric switch is a kind of active optical detector type electronic switch with pulse modulation. The cold light lamps used include infrared light, red light, environmental protection light and sky blue light. They are absolutely untouchable. They are able to quickly and without any damage to manipulate all kinds of chemical substances such as solid, liquid, transparent, black type, soft and thick smoke.
The barrier limit switch of the moisture-proof and explosion-proof switch of the driver has the defects of low response time, poor precision, easy to damage the inspected object and short period in the touch inspection. However, the effective distance of the triode proximity switch is short, so the non-metallic material can not be inspected immediately. However, the new photoelectric switch gets rid of the defects, and has the advantages of light weight, multiple functions, long service life, high precision, fast response time, long inspection distance and strong anti light, electric and magnetic interference ability Classification of dial switch:
There are many models and specifications of dial switch. According to the ten digits, all are normally 11 digits, including 1-10 digits and 12 digits. In fact, there are many kinds of classification. According to the foot position, there are two kinds of differences: dip and SMD. According to the rotation method, there are two kinds of differences: horizontal displacement and side displacement. According to the foot interval, there are two kinds of differences: 2.54mm and 1.27mm. According to the color, there are gray black, bright red and sky blue. According to the situation, there are two states and three states.
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