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Application and maintenance details of chip touch switch

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The application and maintenance of the chip touch switch will give you an analysis of what we need to know? The following analysis is for you.
Chip touch switch, a new type of household convenience small appliances!
The new home decoration is no longer restricted by the past needs of life, but more inclined to aesthetic and decorative effect. With a nice room decoration, people's life will be more comfortable and their mood will be more pleasant. Therefore, in the decoration, it is very important to choose not only the overall style, but also some small accessories. Today, I want to introduce to you that the patch touch the switch, which is also an indispensable small electrical appliance for safe use of electricity at home!
Overview of tap switch
The patch touch switch, also known as the key switch, first appeared in Japan. When it was used, it closed the function of pressing the switch in the operating direction to meet the conditions of operating force. When the pressure is released, it will be disconnected. Its internal structure is connected and disconnected by the change of stress on the metal shrapnel. The tap switch is composed of insert, base, spring piece, button and cover plate. If it is a light touch switch with water-proof performance, it needs to add a layer of polyimide film to the shrapnel. Light touch switch has the advantages of small contact resistance, precise operation error and diversified specifications.
Application of tap switch
It is widely used in electronic equipment and white appliance areas, such as digital products, communication products, home appliances, etc. However, its use requires relatively high environmental conditions, so in large-scale equipment and high-load buttons, conductive rubber or pot switch hardware shrapnel will be used instead, for example, medical equipment and TV remote control. In the five angle touch switch, two pins are in a group. When the switch body is pressed correctly, the four pins are connected, and the fifth pin is grounded.
Use and maintenance of chip touch switch
1. Do not touch the switch repeatedly, otherwise the power consumption will be increased. When the switch is closed, it will generate a large enabling current, so it will increase the power consumption and affect the service life of the switch when it is not necessary. Multiple switches will cause wear of the operating mechanism.
2. When wiring, it must be operated by professional electricians or installers. If the operation is not professional, it will bring many hidden dangers to the future life.
3. Switches and sockets should be cleaned with alcohol. Generally speaking, their appearance is very smooth. If they are wiped with water, they will not only be unsafe but also leave some traces.
4. The installation of the switch should follow the specific installation standards, which will be more beautiful and safe.
The above introduces the basic concept and structure of the chip touch switch, as well as the use and maintenance problems in life. After reading it, you also have more understanding. If you need to use this appliance for home decoration, you can use these summaries as a reference standard, hoping to help you!
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