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Maintenance method of touch switch failure in life

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In our daily life, if the tap switch fails, how should we repair it? What is the specific method? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
How to repair the failure of the light touch switch? Before maintenance, we must understand that the structure of the light touch switch is composed of: insert, base, shrapnel, button and cover plate. The waterproof light touch switch is composed of a layer of polyimide film on the shrapnel.
Then the failure situation may be:
1、 The shrapnel in the switch (key) is seriously oxidized, resulting in poor contact and failure.
Solution: scrape the oxidized part of the shrapnel, or replace a tap switch directly.
2、 Faulty circuit welding
Solution: carefully check the solder joints on the circuit board for faulty soldering and timely repair welding; if the electronic components are burned through, replace them in time; or directly replace the defective circuit board.
3、 There are stains or water entering the tap switch
Solution: remove the corresponding equipment shell, check whether the water in the tap switch is serious. If it is not serious, use a desiccant to absorb the water. If it is a stain, wipe it with alcohol, and then install it after the alcohol volatilizes. Do not damage the equipment twice. If the water inflow is serious, a new tap switch with the same specification and model function can be considered.
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