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Causes and phenomena of oxidation by touching the switch lightly

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Touch the switch if there is oxidation, how to deal with the specific causes and phenomena we will give you a detailed introduction.
There are small black spots on the flick of the switch and the green color on the flick of the switch foot. All of these belong to the oxidation of the flick switch. What is the general phenomenon of the oxidation,
According to the structure of the contact switch, the easiest place to oxidize is to touch the foot of the switch,
The protection of internal metal shrapnel is difficult to oxidize, and its shell will also oxidize for a long time, which belongs to plastic oxidation.
Causes and phenomena of light touch switch oxidation:
1. After the wave soldering, the light touch switch found that the foot position did not eat tin, resulting in the phenomenon of false soldering.
Cause analysis: why is foot oxidized by touching the switch? The sealing performance of the first contact switch is not good during storage,
The second touch switch hardware part in the plating process plating plating coating thin, cost saving!
2. When the touch switch is frequently used, it cannot work normally when it is used. It's a lot of trouble.
Cause analysis: touch the switch to oxidize, touch the small black spots on the switch. Why do shrapnel oxidize?
First of all, the structure and sealing performance of the light touch switch body are poor, that is to say, in the production process,
Attention should be paid to the flow of classified light touch switch. In fact, there are small black spots in the flick of the switch, which is caused by the poor electroplating material of the shrapnel.
So it's really tiring to have a response before using a few hard media.
You're in trouble yourself. The compact touch switch looks simple.
In fact, its real positive energy is that its mass is not well controlled.
The cost of quality control is usually 2-3 times higher. Many people don't understand why they choose cheaper switches.
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