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Details of correct inspection of 3.5mm headphone socket

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How to check the 3.5mm headphone socket? For the specific control details, we will give you a detailed introduction below.
3.5mm headphone socket inspection control
1. QA of quality department shall carry out sampling inspection for the products sent to the process, and the acceptance specification is C = 0 sampling plan
2. The inspectors shall be trained once a year to check the specifications, and the earphone socket shall be issued with work license after passing the examination
3. Internal inspection and sampling: in the inspection process, the team leader shall conduct sampling inspection on the operation results of each inspection post within the regular time distance, and make correction and guidance on site
4. Target management: set the missed inspection target for the inspection post, set the assessment method for the overall target target target for the workshop, reflect and summarize monthly. It is necessary to sum up the increase and decrease of missed inspection rate
When the single-phase grounding occurs on the user side, because the circuit breaker does not trip, in order to find the grounding point, it is necessary to pull the offline branch of the common line one by one, which will also cause the shutdown of the common line and increase the power outage scale. The light touch switch is mainly installed by the following parts after corresponding process treatment:
1. Plastic handle (material: POM material in general, PA nylon material treatment process: injection molding in case of fire-retardant and high temperature resistance requirements)
2. Insulating base plate (raw material: electric board; processing technology: Stamping)
3. Terminal (raw material: phosphor copper; treatment process: silver plating)
4. Iron shell (raw material: generally iron; treatment process: nickel plating or black pot process to avoid oxidation)
The above is about the inspection method of 3.5mm headphone socket.
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