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What are the methods to select the quality of tap switch

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How to choose a good touch switch? What is the specific choice method? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
Touch switch manufacturers pay great attention to the service life of products. As a key component for long-term use, touch switch is requested to be used for 500000 to 1000000 times. If it is special office supplies, the number should be higher.
Good quality light touch switch with moderate key range and light strength has a very clear and pleasant feel. And if encounter those to want the switch of bigger key strength, need to notice.
The light touch switch produced by the light touch switch manufacturer has reliable environmental protection performance. According to the technical requirements prevailing in the industry, the touch switch shall reach the RoHS specification at least. If you encounter the touch button with reach mark when selecting, it is better to clarify the low-carbon and environmental protection index of this product.
The light touch switch manufacturers should not have any hard damage in the structural design, and need to ensure excellent electrical performance to better conduct and cut off, so pay attention to distinguish data.
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