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How to deal with the damage of key switch

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When the key switch is damaged, how to deal with it? We will introduce the details below.
When the key switch is damaged, it is very important to carry out maintenance in time. Disassembly is a very important step in maintenance. So what should be paid attention to during disassembly?
First, turn over the cover of the wall switch. Generally, we can see the opening about 0.5cm below the cover plate. We can turn the cover over from here. After opening the cover plate, the fixing bolts are still invisible. We need to remove the switch panel, and then carefully pry the switch panel forward with a small screwdriver to make the switch panel drop. Two fixing bolts are seen on the device frame. Use a cross screwdriver to rotate anticlockwise to remove the whole wall switch. In the future, take out the new wall switch according to the original wiring mode. Generally, l-terminal is connected with the incoming line, and L1 or L2 is connected with the light line. When removing the switch, first remove the external waterproof cover. We can see a small gap on the side of the waterproof cover. Insert a small flat screwdriver and tap hard to remove the waterproof cover. After removing the lower cover, you can see that there are screws at both ends. Turn on the screw switch and turn it naturally. Turn on the switch panel. We need to replace it with a new one. Remove the wires from the old switch panel and secure them to the new switch panel in the future.
How to install the key switch
The installation method of waterproof key switch is as follows:
1. Turn over the key cover driver and select the nut;
2. Sleeve the lower part of the rotary switch into the panel hole;
3. Screw on the nut and insert the button cover.
Precautions for key switch device
1. When the key device is on the panel, it shall be placed orderly and arranged reasonably, such as from top to bottom or from left to right according to the motor starting sequence. The distance between adjacent keys is 50-100 mm.
2. Several different working conditions (up, down, front, back, left, right, loose, tight, etc.) of the same equipment component shall make each pair of keys with opposite status form a group. Use the red key to indicate the suspension, and the green or black key to indicate the startup or power on. Do not make mistakes.
3. In order to deal with the emergency, when there are multiple buttons on the panel, the general stop button should be installed in a conspicuous and easy to operate place. It is better to select the red mushroom head button or make an obvious sign.
4. Due to the small distance between key contacts, if there is oil pollution, it is easy to have short circuit fault, so keep the contact clean.
5. The button board and key box of the equipment key must be metal and connected with the general grounding bus of the machine tool as far as possible. The hanging button must be equipped with a special grounding wire, and the metal pipe shall not be used as the grounding wire.
6. When it is used in high temperature environment, it is easy to cause plastic deformation and aging, resulting in looseness and short circuit between connecting screws. Insulating plastic pipe can be added at the connection screw to prevent short circuit.
7. The button with indicator light is easy to deform the plastic lampshade due to the heat of bulb, reduce the voltage of bulb and extend the service life.
8. "Stop" button must be red; "emergency stop" button must be red mushroom head; "start" button must have a protection ring, which should be higher than the key head, to prevent electrical equipment from misoperation due to accidental contact.
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