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Introduction to the structure of light touch switch with lamp

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What's the specific structure of light touch switch with lights? What do we need to know? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
The light touch switch terminal with lamp can be divided into straight foot, bent foot, welding chip, quick connection, etc. When detecting with light touch switch, connect two probes with two leads of LED respectively. For example, if the probe deflects more than half, and there is a bright light point in LED, it means that led is connected in a positive direction. At this time, the black probe (connected with positive battery in the meter) is connected with positive electrode; the red probe (connected with negative battery in the meter) is connected with negative electrode.
According to the manufacturer of the micro touch switch, after the two probes are exchanged, they are connected with the LED. At this time, it is reverse connection, and the probe should not move. If the probe deflects to the end or does not move no matter whether it is connected in forward or reverse direction, the LED is damaged.
A good light touch switch with light is also very important for the life of the whole product. Such as computer keyboard, remote control and so on. If it is a low-quality light touch switch, after frequent pressing, the metal shrapnel will lose its elasticity due to fatigue and failure. Therefore, in the selection of light touch switch is also very important. The main factors that affect the light touch switch with lamp are the protection, solderability, reliability of conduction, service life, hand feeling, production process and installation size.
According to the company of micro touch switch, the competition in the industry of light touch switch with lights is very fierce. Sometimes the tested object moves to the proximity switch one by one and leaves one by one according to a certain time interval, which is repeated constantly.
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