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  • 21 2018-06

    Many friends do not know how to buy back the DC headphone socket after the detection, specific testing methods give everyone listed in the lower, very simple, you can understand carefully. DC headphone socket detection voltage method: The 1...

  • 21 2018-06

    When choosing and using the electronic touch switch, we should pay attention to the selection, so that the service life can be prolonged. The specific selection method is introduced below. Electronic touch switch, as the name suggests, is a...

  • 20 2018-06

    The switch is the switch that is often used now. I dont believe you look at it. There is a switch everywhere. So what is the application range and composition of the switch? The following detailed introduction to you. Cannot use the switch...

  • 20 2018-06

    When using the toggle switch in Dongguan, we should pay attention to some matters needing attention, so that it can be used safely and correctly. In our life, such as audio equipment, electric toys and other electrical appliances in most of...

  • 19 2018-06

    DC socket in the use of the connection to introduce you, and connect the line, to be able to give full play to the advantages of DC socket, the specific introduction. DC socket in todays various industries is a common type of socket element...

  • 19 2018-06

    For light touch switch, there are some usage parameters and specific points for attention to be introduced to you. What exactly does it have? The following detailed introduction to you. Light touch switch, usually in the way of 6*6 waterpro...

  • 17 2018-06

    DC socket connection welding method, today Dong Kun will give you detailed introduction, you can connect and welding technology to a higher level. DC socket is an essential electronic component in daily life. Its application range is home a...

  • 17 2018-06

    If we want to use the four foot light touch switch, we must select a high quality four foot touch switch. How should we choose it? The following will be taught in detail. The light touch switch that we know in our daily life is also called...

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