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  • 07 2019-03

    The 4x4 touch switch has some important questions to tell you when it is used. The details are described in detail below. 4x4 touch switch can be divided into low-voltage plastic case key switch and low-voltage frame key switch. The former...

  • 07 2019-03

    How to test the performance of the light touch switch is appropriate, especially the light touch switch. Specific test methods are described below. Five commonly used methods for testing the performance of touch switches are introduced in d...

  • 06 2019-03

    There are many ways to install and weld the light touch switch. We will introduce the welding method in detail. As we all know, the light touch switch is to press the handle by external force to make the piston move, and the handle is trans...

  • 06 2019-03

    When using and understanding the micro switch, we should pay attention to the quick solution of some problems. How should we solve them? Lets give you a detailed introduction. How to Solve the Problem of Micro Switch Circuit Reed is a kind...

  • 05 2019-03

    In what circumstances, lightly touching the switch will cause damage, and how, today we give you a detailed introduction. Ordinary mouse is inevitably damaged after using for a period of time, and most of the reasons for mouse damage are bu...

  • 05 2019-03

    When using the light touch switch, we should pay attention to some common problems and avoid these problems. What are the specific problems? Now I will give you a detailed introduction. Touch switch is an electronic switch, which belongs to...

  • 04 2019-03

    There is a button switch with LED lights in the selection of what problems need to pay attention to, and how to select the specific, we will give you a detailed introduction below. To buy a good button switch with LED lights, it is very imp...

  • 04 2019-03

    Today, I will introduce some specifications and parameters of Siemens touch switch. The details are shown below. Siemens touch switch is one of the commonly used lightly touched switches. There are many manufacturers of Siemens touch switch...

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