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  • 02 2019-01

    In connection and use of light touch switch, can we use pot pan instead, and what specific aspects should we start with? Lets give you a detailed introduction. It is certain that the pot chip can replace the touch switch. If any product can...

  • 02 2019-01

    Many people have been using the touch switch, but do not know the specific material of the touch switch. Let me introduce the material of these aspects to help you better choose the touch switch. The touch switch is composed of a plastic ba...

  • 30 2018-12

    We often use silica gel waterproof light touch switch where can be used, the specific use of what matters needing attention, today we will introduce to you. Silica gel is Silica gel or Silica. Silica gel has stable chemical properties and h...

  • 30 2018-12

    Will we choose the micro switch? What are the specific steps? Below to give you a detailed introduction, I hope you can choose the right micro switch. Precision micro-switch usually has three specifications: basic type, with operating handl...

  • 29 2018-12

    What is the performance of the four-legged touch switch we use? In order to help you understand the four-legged touch switch better and faster, we give you the following introduction, please know and understand more. Touch switch, also know...

  • 29 2018-12

    Many friends want to test the performance of the touch switch they bought after they bought it, so how should they test it? Lets give you a detailed introduction. Correct Method for Testing the Performance of Touch Switch 1. Testing of High...

  • 28 2018-12

    For the introduction of welding method of patch light touch switch, what is the advantage of this welding method? Now I will give you a detailed introduction. The manufacturer of patch light touch switch introduced that reflow welding norma...

  • 28 2018-12

    Correct operation patch light touch switch need to pay attention to what problems, there are some matters needing attention to tell you. When welding twice, please do it after the first welding part is restored to normal temperature. Contin...

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