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  • 29 2019-10

    What is the role of the existence of fuse in headphone socket? For details, please see the introduction below. The headphone socket controls the lights in the home. The most common ones in the family are one switch, one double control switc...

  • 28 2019-10

    When the DC power socket is in the internal contact, what needs to be installed? Lets give you a detailed introduction. The internal contacts of DC power socket are all manually welded, and acid flux is often used, which is easy to cause op...

  • 28 2019-10

    What problems should be paid attention to when DC socket is connected? For specific details, we will give you a detailed introduction below. Dongguan DC socket connection method 1. First, use a test pencil to find out the front; 2. Turn off...

  • 26 2019-10

    How to use the patch toggle switch? Lets introduce the details below. The chip toggle switch is used to turn the circuit on or off through the toggle handle, and then reach the intention of switching the circuit. The commonly used types are...

  • 26 2019-10

    How to detect the earphone socket before use? Lets introduce the specific detection methods below. Earphone socket detection voltage method: 1. It should be acknowledged whether the voltage of power supply pins of each chip is normal; 2. Ch...

  • 25 2019-10

    What is the application and basic principle of headphone socket? Lets give you a detailed introduction. Nowadays, in our daily life, on our mobile phones and on our computers, they are applied to headphone sockets in the process of applicat...

  • 25 2019-10

    What should we pay attention to when we buy headphone socket? Well give you a detailed introduction below. To purchase headphone socket, please refer to the following tips I. raw materials Good sockets are made of PC raw materials. When sel...

  • 24 2019-10

    When DC socket is used, the definition of pin is very important. For specific details, we will give you a detailed introduction below. DC socket is generally composed of three pins, the definition of which is: the first pin represents the p...

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