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  • 27 2018-09

    Whats the advantage of the patch touch switch, whether its appearance or material, we need some advantages, the details of which we will discuss in detail below. Various advantages of SMD touch switch Appearance structure of the product: Th...

  • 26 2018-09

    What advantages does the bracket touch switch have? Why do you like to choose the bracket touch switch? The following is a detailed introduction to you. The hardware bracket on the periphery of the touch switch is called the touch switch wi...

  • 26 2018-09

    How should we use the micro toggle switch for longer and longer service life? Lets give you a detailed introduction below. The biggest technical feature of the miniature toggle switch is to prevent loss and extend its service life. The wear...

  • 25 2018-09

    How does the touch button switch need to be tested before leaving the factory? Lets explain this to you. Several main performance tests of touch button switch indicate: 1. Soldering resistance test: 1. Weldability test: Method: The welding...

  • 25 2018-09

    How to change the current of the toggle switch is described in detail. The advantages of this measuring method are quite intuitive and convenient. The disadvantage is that the current passing through the switch is very small and the oxide f...

  • 21 2018-09

    How to handle the surface of the switch panel? What are the ways? The following is a detailed introduction to you. There are generally two kinds of surface treatment for switchboard, polishing and grinding, both of which have their advantag...

  • 21 2018-09

    The light touch switch with the lamp likes to choose good quality when choosing, and how to distinguish it? The following is a detailed introduction to you. How to identify the quality of light switch with light? Generally good light touch...

  • 20 2018-09

    What are the skills of selecting and selecting light touch switches? How should we buy the touch switch? The following is a detailed introduction to you. The purchase and selection of light touch switch has always been a concern of many peo...

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