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  • 06 2018-09

    Bring the light touch switch easy problems to introduce to you, we can use the time to pay attention to help us solve the problem. The use and theory of the light-touch switch is basically the same as that of other normal light-touch switch...

  • 06 2018-09

    The safety load range of DC power outlet is not very clear to everyone. What exactly is it? Now let me give you a detailed introduction. DC power sockets, headphone sockets are popular electronic components Dongkun, many people in use, in t...

  • 05 2018-09

    How to connect the four foot touch switch in the circuit and introduce the working principle to you. The four-legged light touch switch has a four-legged light touch switch. The four-legged light touch switch is commonly used in daily produ...

  • 05 2018-09

    What is the circuit analysis of DC socket? Lets give you a detailed introduction below. It can be used for circuit connection and troubleshooting. DC socket circuit analysis of low-voltage rectifier filter circuit: after high-frequency star...

  • 04 2018-09

    DC socket can reflect what value, can let us more like and suitable for the DC socket specific details described below. DC socket is one of many sockets, and also closely related to our lives, because this product has good characteristics c...

  • 04 2018-09

    Light touch switch can be waterproof and dust-proof, this feature is very practical, when using everyone should pay attention to. Light touch switch is a basic component in many industries. Light touch switch can control the normal operatio...

  • 03 2018-09

    What happens when a circular touch switch is yellow when it is used? Let me introduce below. Round light touch switch is widely used in life, and many manufacturers, some guests will reflect, light touch switch in the furnace or after reflo...

  • 03 2018-09

    Many friends do not know how to connect three pins DC socket, today we give you a detailed introduction. Recently, many friends in the market are concerned about how to connect the three-pin DC socket correctly. Many times, when you buy the...

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