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  • 18 2018-08

    DC socket not only can be used in industry, but also can be used in the family, when used in the family must grasp the safety common sense, pay attention to the problems, what is the specific content? Lets introduce below. DC socket in our...

  • 18 2018-08

    Some problems should be paid attention to when operating and using the light touch switch. This can not only ensure the safety of the operator, but also prolong the life of the light touch switch. What is the specific method? The following...

  • 17 2018-08

    Many of the DC sockets are waterproof, so how do you know the performance of the DC sockets used by them? Let me introduce below. The main criteria for evaluating the waterproof performance of DC socket The main criterion for evaluating the...

  • 17 2018-08

    When a light switch with a lamp is not performing well, why should we look for it? What are the specific reasons? Lets introduce below. What are the properties that affect the light touch switch? 1. Light touch switch with lamp, in which th...

  • 16 2018-08

    The classification and selection of light touch switch should be introduced to you. There are some important points to be introduced in the selection. Among them, there are five points. The following is a detailed introduction. When it come...

  • 16 2018-08

    DC socket manufacturers in the production of DC socket when there are parameters specifications and indicators, specific information, please see below. What are the product specifications of DC socket manufacturers? DC socket manufacturers...

  • 15 2018-08

    The quality of DC socket is related to the quality of a product, so we should pay attention to the selection of DC socket, specific selection methods are introduced below. Safety considerations should first be considered when choosing and u...

  • 15 2018-08

    In the use and purchase of light touch switch performance testing, specific testing methods to introduce you in the following, please learn about it. This article will introduce four kinds of common methods about the performance test of lig...

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