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  • 14 2018-08

    The connection method of DC socket has already been explained. Today, the main purpose is to explain the use of DC socket and the wiring precautions, please visit the collection. DC socket is not unfamiliar in our daily life, it is called D...

  • 14 2018-08

    There are many types of light touch switch mainly for the needs of customers, depending on where customers want to use, give different functions, then what kind of light touch switch? Now let me introduce you. Light touch switch is an indis...

  • 13 2018-08

    What are the common problems in connection and installation of DC power socket? Two solutions are also introduced. The internal joints of DC power sockets are all welded by hand, and acid flux is often used, so it is easy to lead to the oxi...

  • 13 2018-08

    Waterproof light touch switch in the use of the process will have some impact on the normal use, so we should pay attention to some points of attention to ensure the normal use of waterproof light touch switch. The waterproof light touch sw...

  • 11 2018-08

    DC power socket links when the need for loop planning, many times we are not very clear, the following to introduce you. DC power socket power supply circuit planning (1) DC power outlet of air conditioner, general power outlet, electric wa...

  • 11 2018-08

    How do we deal with the surface of the mini touch switch? There are two ways to deal with different processes. There are two kinds of surface treatment for micro touch switch, polishing and grinding, both of which have their advantages and...

  • 10 2018-08

    Do you need a bracket or a positioning hole to push the switch? Today, lets give you a brief introduction. In the light of the light touch switch, we will inadvertently recall that the flank and flat switch buttons look the same. The differ...

  • 10 2018-08

    The use of DC power socket in the process will also produce leakage phenomenon, this phenomenon should be how to deal with it? The following is introduced to you. When we use the DC power socket, we often have leakage, so how can we prevent...

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