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  • 12 2018-07

    In life, you can see 3 feet DC sockets everywhere. Common mistakes are introduced to you. There are five points. We should learn more about the details. With the wide range of household appliances, the number of power supplies at home is al...

  • 12 2018-07

    Why do you need to use aluminum alloy vibratory discs? This problem has been troubling us for a long time. We will give you a detailed explanation in detail. There are many parts in the automatic assembly that need to be assembled, although...

  • 11 2018-07

    DC circular hole is a common part of our electrical appliances, its working principle and type need to give you a brief introduction, I hope you can do these problems through these details. What is a DC socket outlet DC circular socket prin...

  • 11 2018-07

    We want to teach you how to let your high temperature light touch switch lifespan, the time used more long, how to do it, the following detailed introduction to you. How to keep the high temperature touch switch in order to last longer? Hig...

  • 10 2018-07

    Is the common circular DC socket easy to repair if there is any damage? How can we get better maintenance? The specific handling methods are described in detail below. Round DC sockets are widely used, including but not limited to household...

  • 10 2018-07

    How should we choose the touch switch? Today we will give you a detailed introduction to help you choose a good touch switch. The light touch switch is an electronic switch. When the switch is used, the switch can be switched on. When the h...

  • 09 2018-07

    Plug in type DC socket wants to use good selection and welding indispensable, some commonly used items, we will give you a detailed introduction. Now the plug-in DC socket market is developing rapidly, such as the specification, model, perf...

  • 09 2018-07

    How can we use the delay touch switch to achieve the delay function? This operation is not so simple. Please follow our instructions and learn together. The delay touch switch circuit has been widely used in digital products such as telepho...

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