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  • 24 2019-08

    What is the use principle of the key switch? We will give you detailed details below. Speaking of the button switch, it is very popular in ordinary life, almost everywhere, and closely related to our life, so since it is so closely related...

  • 23 2019-08

    We will give you a detailed description of the working principle and scope of the light touch switch. The details are described below. At present, many conventional users do not know how to touch the switch deliberately. They only know that...

  • 23 2019-08

    When using the light touch switch, we need to make a choice. What problems should we determine to make the right choice? Specific methods we will give you a detailed introduction below. It is believed that many product development engineers...

  • 22 2019-08

    What problems should we pay attention to when using the switch? We will give you a detailed introduction here. In our life, most of the electrical appliances such as audio equipment, electric toys and so on will use the toggle switch. The m...

  • 22 2019-08

    Whats the appearance and internal structure of the headphone socket? Well give you some details here. Choosing a headphone socket sounds easy, but sometimes the headphone socket you choose is not very good. The selection of headphone socket...

  • 21 2019-08

    The specific specifications and types of touch switches should be shared with you, so that you can choose easily and know what kind of touch switches you need. Touch the switch tact switch lightly, press the switch button lightly to make th...

  • 21 2019-08

    How to deal with some problems when the side-press light switch is in use? What are the specific details? Lets give you a detailed introduction. One of the most common parts of electrical appliances in life is the switch, which is used to c...

  • 20 2019-08

    What are the specific details of DC socket selection and installation and welding? What should we do? We will introduce the details below. Now DC socket market is developing very fast, such as DC socket specifications, models, performance a...

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