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  • 20 2019-08

    What are the specifications and models of DC sockets? Here we will give you a detailed description of the specific application characteristics. What is a DC socket? DC socket is a kind of socket matched with special power supply for compute...

  • 19 2019-08

    What are the characteristics of key switches and what role do these characteristics play? Lets talk about it today. Today, this article will introduce the characteristics of key switch, the principle of metal key switch and the connection m...

  • 19 2019-08

    What are the requirements for the use of metal key switches? Specific we need to know what content, specific details we will introduce to you below. The characteristics of metal key switch: Grounding: Metal key switch has more interference...

  • 17 2019-08

    The specific role and use of light touch switch to introduce to you, in the use of some problems, what are the reasons, are analyzed. Switch is very common in our life. It can control the opening and stopping of various electrical equipment...

  • 17 2019-08

    What is the light touch switch and what is the specific specifications? Lets give you a detailed introduction below. What is a touch switch? A touch switch is an electronic switch, which belongs to the category of electronic components. So...

  • 16 2019-08

    What are the components of the switch and the scope of its use? We will give you a detailed description of the details below. In our daily life, we need to use switches. I wonder if you have ever thought about why switches can be so simple...

  • 16 2019-08

    What is the specific performance and scope of use of the switch? We will give you detailed details here. The switching switch is to turn on or off the circuit by switching the switch handle, so as to achieve the purpose of switching the cir...

  • 15 2019-08

    Whats the working principle of the key switch? Whats the details? Ill give you a detailed introduction below. The key switch is a kind of switch that uses the drive mechanism of the key driver to connect or disconnect the moving contact and...

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