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  • 07 2020-01

    What are the faults that affect the use of the tap switch and what are the specific details? Lets give you a detailed introduction. As a result, some oxidation corrosion reactions will be formed. Once the shrapnel is corroded, it will lead...

  • 06 2020-01

    What is the operation principle of the copper head touch switch and the specific details? Lets give you a detailed introduction. What is the use of waterproof switch for us? So today we will give you analysis and analysis. When we choose th...

  • 04 2020-01

    How to test the light touch switch when it is used, and what is the specific test method? Lets introduce it to you. Tap the switch, that is, press the button to make the circuit on or off. It has different types of switches, such as waterpr...

  • 03 2020-01

    What are the specifications, models and specific applications of DC socket? For details, we will give you a detailed introduction below. What is DC socket DC socket is a kind of socket matched with special power supply for computer display....

  • 02 2020-01

    Whats the name of the toggle switch? Whats the other name? Lets introduce the details below. The toggle switch is also called the change-over switch, which is also called the power switch. The slide switch is also a kind of power switch. It...

  • 31 2019-12

    In our daily life, if the tap switch fails, how should we repair it? What is the specific method? Lets give you a detailed introduction. How to repair the failure of the light touch switch? Before maintenance, we must understand that the st...

  • 30 2019-12

    What is the technical content of toggle switch and what is the specific situation? Lets give you a detailed introduction. The toggle switch (slide switch) adopts integrated circuit technology and SMT surface device technology to manufacture...

  • 28 2019-12

    Toggle switch and microswitch are both switches. Whats the difference between them? Lets give you a detailed introduction. The toggle switch and the microswitch have the following points respectively: 1. Different range of use: The toggle s...

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