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  • 07 2019-12

    What are the advantages of tapping the switch? Only the good ones can attract everyones attention. The specific details are as follows. Advantage: 1. The light touch switch adopts a unique sealing technology, that is to say, it has the func...

  • 06 2019-12

    What is the service life and type of tap switch? The specific details are as follows. At present, the light touch switch on the domestic market varies according to the application requirements. The mechanical life of the switch varies from...

  • 05 2019-12

    There are some key points to be clear when using the patch touch switch. What are the specific points we will give you a detailed introduction. 1. If the load is applied to the terminal when the chip lightly touches the switch terminal for...

  • 04 2019-12

    The application and maintenance of the chip touch switch will give you an analysis of what we need to know? The following analysis is for you. Chip touch switch, a new type of household convenience small appliances! The new home decoration...

  • 05 2019-11

    Whats the difference between the toggle switch and the dial switch we use? Lets introduce the details below. The type and physical performance specification of the toggle switch. The toggle switch is used to connect or disconnect the power...

  • 05 2019-11

    What kind of switch is the multidirectional toggle switch, what are its specific characteristics and how should it be calculated? Lets give you a detailed introduction. Main design of multi direction toggle switch The switch industry is an...

  • 04 2019-11

    What are the characteristics of headphone socket? We will give you a detailed analysis of the details below. We all know about the socket, but its not the general socket we use in our daily life. Today Ill tell you about the headphone socke...

  • 04 2019-11

    First of all, headphone socket is mainly used in mobile phone stereo design, CD player, wireless phone, MP3 player, digital notebook computer, DVD, digital camera. I. working principle of headphone socket Once the input voltage of headphone...

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