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  • 04 2019-03

    Today, I will introduce some specifications and parameters of Siemens touch switch. The details are shown below. Siemens touch switch is one of the commonly used lightly touched switches. There are many manufacturers of Siemens touch switch...

  • 02 2019-03

    Touch switches make a great contribution to household appliances. There are many touch switches in our common appliances. Specific use of the scope and situation, we all give you a detailed introduction. Touch switch is the fastest growing...

  • 02 2019-03

    The touch of the switch is very important. We can feel it when we use it. What is the specific situation? Lets give you a detailed introduction. The influence of metal shrapnel on the switch: The light touch switch is evolved from the pot d...

  • 01 2019-03

    Excellent material is always chosen when making the switch. What kind of material is good? Lets give you a detailed introduction. Toggle switch is the necessary material for our home installation, but when you choose to buy, will you notice...

  • 01 2019-03

    Today, Id like to introduce the difference between light touch switch and mechanical button. Its easy for us to distinguish them when we use them. The light touch switch and the mechanical button are also the characteristics of many product...

  • 28 2019-02

    In view of the scope of the use of DC sockets to do some introduction, I hope you can learn more about these aspects, better use of DC sockets. DC socket is a socket matched with special power supply for computer display. It consists of tra...

  • 28 2019-02

    DC power socket connection method we all need to understand, when using and installing should pay attention to, what is the specific? Lets give you a detailed introduction. How to connect the DC power socket? Maybe many people dont quite un...

  • 27 2019-02

    How to detect the light touch switch? We will give you a detailed description of the specific detection methods below. Light touch switch terminals with lamp can be divided into straight foot, bend foot, welding plate type, fast connection...

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