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  • 10 2019-02

    When using the light touch switch, we will do some understanding and appraisal on the quality. We will give you detailed details below. There are many people who will ask for detailed information before purchasing the light switch, and can...

  • 07 2019-02

    Is the key switch we use a low-voltage switch? Lets give you a detailed introduction. The key switch is a low-voltage switching device used to cut off and turn on the control circuit. The rated current of the contact of the key switch is 5A...

  • 07 2019-02

    How should we deal with various faults when we use the key switch? We will give you a detailed description of the specific methods below. The key switch is pressed in use. Most of the key switches are used to turn on or off the circuit when...

  • 04 2019-02

    Dongguan Dongkun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. wishes you a happy New Year, and new and old customers can work together in the new year to create brilliance and continue to cooperate sincerely. Dongguan Dongkun Electronic Technology Co.,...

  • 29 2019-01

    Knowledge Introduction of Switch Connection with Lamp Keyboard What knowledge do we need to know about the connection of our button switch with lights and what problems do we need to know? Lets give you a detailed introduction. Simply, this...

  • 29 2019-01

    When choosing metal key switch, we should pay attention to some problems. What problems should we pay attention to? Lets give you a detailed introduction. Keyboard switch is a powerful switch, so it is a good choice for people. It has good...

  • 27 2019-01

    When using light touch switch, we must pay attention to the problem of heat dissipation, which specific needs our attention, the following will give you a detailed introduction. We must pay attention to the heat dissipation of electronic pr...

  • 27 2019-01

    We all need to know the technical specifications of light touch switch. We will introduce the details in detail below. What are the main technical indicators of light touch switch? 1. The manufacturer of light touch switch with lamp introdu...

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