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  • 24 2019-10

    When DC socket is used, the definition of pin is very important. For specific details, we will give you a detailed introduction below. DC socket is generally composed of three pins, the definition of which is: the first pin represents the p...

  • 24 2019-10

    What are the basic types of DC socket? Some common sense is not clear. You can come here to have a look. The specific details are introduced below. DC socket is widely used in our daily life. DC socket is a kind of power socket matched with...

  • 23 2019-10

    Key switch in the assembly and production need to pay attention to what problems, specific details we will give you a detailed introduction below. Key switch is widely used in electronic circuit, electrical instrument and control board circ...

  • 23 2019-10

    What should be paid attention to when welding and installing the key switch? Next, I will introduce it in detail. If there are errors in the installation and welding process of the key switch, it will affect the normal use of the switch. Th...

  • 22 2019-10

    What are the factors that affect the hand feeling of toggle switch? Lets give you a detailed introduction of the specific details below. The appearance and surface of toggle switch shall be smooth. Electroplating treatment should also be sm...

  • 22 2019-10

    The handle of horizontal toggle switch is very important. It is the first choice for some customers. We will introduce the details in detail below. The horizontal toggle switch is widely used in Bluetooth headset and digital product control...

  • 21 2019-10

    Touch the circuit of the switch is how to use, the specific situation to introduce to you. The operating conditions of the light touch switch circuit must pay attention to the temperature, which can cause and bring a very important effect a...

  • 21 2019-10

    What are the basic characteristics of toggle switch and what is its unique performance? Lets give you a detailed introduction in this respect. The manufacturer of the toggle switch said that the toggle switch is to turn the circuit on or of...

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