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  • 19 2019-10

    When selecting and using the toggle switch, we need to know how to do it. Lets share the specific methods below. First of all, toggle the switch to make the circuit on or off, so as to achieve the purpose of switching the circuit. The commo...

  • 19 2019-10

    What are the connection methods and steps of headphone socket, and what are the specific contents? Lets introduce it to you. Headphone socket manufacturers connection method and procedure explanation Earphone socket size: for the 3.5mm ster...

  • 18 2019-10

    2.5 what are the categories and types of headphone sockets? What are the specific details? Lets give you a detailed introduction. 2.5 headphone socket is a very important electrical appliance in low-voltage distribution network and electric...

  • 18 2019-10

    What is the problem of DC power socket welding line not standard? Lets give you a detailed introduction. The internal contacts of DC power socket are all manually welded, and acid flux is often used, which is easy to cause open circuit or l...

  • 17 2019-10

    Tap the size and specifications of the switch below to give you a detailed introduction. When the switch is used, the switch can be turned on by lightly pressing the switch button. When the hand is released, the switch is turned off. The in...

  • 17 2019-10

    What are the requirements of DC socket manufacturers on the use standard? Lets give you a detailed introduction. What are the requirements and details of DC socket manufacturers in terms of use and standards? Lets introduce them in detail....

  • 16 2019-10

    What are the specific applications and benefits of waterproof light touch switch? Lets introduce it to you. Waterproof tap switch: we are familiar with household appliances, mobile phones, and childrens remote control toys, but do you pay a...

  • 16 2019-10

    Today, Id like to share with you some advantages of tapping the switch. What are the specific advantages? Lets give you a detailed introduction. Advantage: 1. The light touch switch adopts a unique sealing technology, that is to say, it has...

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