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  • 09 2018-07

    Plug in type DC socket wants to use good selection and welding indispensable, some commonly used items, we will give you a detailed introduction. Now the plug-in DC socket market is developing rapidly, such as the specification, model, perf...

  • 09 2018-07

    How can we use the delay touch switch to achieve the delay function? This operation is not so simple. Please follow our instructions and learn together. The delay touch switch circuit has been widely used in digital products such as telepho...

  • 07 2018-07

    If we want to use waterproof DC socket, we will choose a good quality waterproof DC socket. How do we choose it? The following is a detailed introduction to the choice of methods. How to choose a waterproof DC outlet One, Dongguan waterproo...

  • 07 2018-07

    Many friends do not know how to lock self lock when using the light touch lock switch. We give you a brief introduction today. It is convenient for us to carry out the self locking operation. The details are described in detail in the follo...

  • 06 2018-07

    If we use the DC socket socket if there is a fever, what causes it? How should we deal with it? Here is a detailed introduction to you. The quality of the base of the 1.dc socket is low. Poor quality DC socket mother seat copper clamp force...

  • 06 2018-07

    Electric shock in the touch switch is very important. Is it better to touch the switch with an electric shock? Now lets take a look at this problem together. The light touch switch looks at the shell data first. The first switch brands in t...

  • 05 2018-07

    DC socket installation should pay attention to the wiring method of the pin. There are six important matters needing attention. DC socket in todays various industries is a common type of socket element, its application range is very wide, s...

  • 05 2018-07

    To prolong the life of the waterproof touch switch, we must pay attention to the following problems with the better use of the waterproof touch switch, and the details are introduced in the following. There are many kinds of waterproof ligh...

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